Equestrian Horse-back Riding, Pony Trekking, in Surrey, England. UK.

The North Downs Pony Share Scheme.

1. The Pony Share Scheme has been in existance for approximately 20 years enabling individuals and Families to have the benefit of a Pony when ever they want one and not have the work and worry of a Pony at all other times.

2. The Scheme can cater for any age or experience. Limitations would be someone over six feet tall and 12 stone in weight.

3. We advertise the Scheme as the next best thing to owning your own Pony.

4. We like to run the scheme on a half day basis i.e.

Mornings arive 9 a.m. at the Farm. Feed, groom and tack up the Ponies. Ride out from 10am. to 12 noon.

Afternoons arive 2 p.m. groom, tack up and ride out from 2.30 to 4.30 untack feed and turn out finishing at 5 p.m.

5. We can cater for riders who are not hardenrd to take two hours in the saddle, but still wish to take advantage of the Stable management.

6. Our aim is to give free advice and help so that each member of the Scheme can reach a level of exellance that they can come to the farm and be able to do everything they would do if the Pony was their own.

7. We welcome all the family members to take part and learn how to look after and ride a pony. Mum and Dad included.

8. Children will be supervised by Parents. Parents will have to be responsible for any accidents and approve each stage of the riding experience since this is a private arrangement between families. This is not a Riding School establishment. Horse Insurance will have to be taken out by the families using the scheme.

9. The costs are 20.00 for the half day, which includes two hours in the saddle and 10.00 for one hour in the saddle. (If you cannot take two hours in the saddle).

10. Please note that we have had to retire the largest pony which is currently effecting the ability to fulfil all the above objects of the scheme. Please phone to find out what the current position is if this is something that you may be interested in.

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Hanging Wood Forest Farm.
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