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Motorcar Hill Climbs

The General Development Order allows us to use our land for outdoor activities up to 28 days per year without Planning Permission. 14 of these days can be used for Motor events.

We set aside one full day exclusively for Motorcar Hill Trials and one full day exclusively for Motorbikes Hill Trials.

The remaining 12 days will allow the site to be used for parking and getting ready for the event in the morning and the actual Hill Trials to start at 12 noon. The good news is that this arangement only costs half the normal rent for the day. Marking out of the sections can be done the day before.

Currently we are not running Motor Events


20 acres of Plantation with Fire Breaks linking the marked out Hill Trial sections. Many year ago this site was use as an open quarry for round gravel before it was planted out as a Plantation. The result is a very interesting hilly loose surface. A new experience.


We can provide a separate entrance and exit gates. This will assis in the parking so that all cars are automatically parked facing the exit. Hard standing is available at the Farm with an overflow in the field for the four wheel drives.

Toilets - one chemical camping toilet only.

Future Use.

We are still pursuing our rightful claim for a Lawful Use Certificate which if successful will free up the 28 days under the General Development Order.

In other words we will be able to provide 14 full days exclusively to Hill Trials.

Currently we are not running any more Events